Our Offer:

Bring in the afternoon—pick up in the morning

Regular ski service brings:

  • More skiing pleasure
  • More edge grip
  • Increased safety


Service Ski:

  • Wax    9,00 €
  • Prepare/sharpen edges and wax   29,00 €


Service deluxe Ski:

  • Correct running surface/coating, prepare/sharpen edges and wax    38,00 €   

 Service Snowboard:

  • Wax    10,00 €
  • Prepare/sharpen edges and wax   32,00 €


Service deluxe Snowboard:

  • Correct running surface/coating, prepare/sharpen edges and wax  40,00 €   


Binding Electronically Adjusted. 17,00 €


Basket mounting  4,00 € (basket not included)


Basket mounting with glue   9,00 € (basket not included)

Ski service from a pro

A scratched, damaged lining reduces the gliding characteristics and ride comfort considerably. With the new programmable diamond grinding stone machine, it is possible to obtain the ideal structure for each Snow and ski type and to prepare the coating and edges to your personal requirements.


This means, always the right finish for your skis. The maneuverability of the ski is increased and the edge is as sharp as it should be.


We would be happy to advise you further and look forward to seeing you in our shop.

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