"Carving": The Super-ski fun-feeling

Try the carving skis first before you buy

Basic Class (only upon request)

Standard Carving Skis for entry level


Top Class & VIP Class

Upscale and newer models of the season


Our tip

Even the inexperienced skiier notices when he is skiing with a top ski (all-rounder). It is simply the better sports equipment and brings more fun on the slopes.



What is "carving"? A carve turn is a skiing term, used to refer to a turning technique in which the ski shifts to one side or the other on its edges. When edged, the sidecut geometry causes the ski to bend into an arc, and the ski naturally follows this arc shape to produce a turning motion. Modern carving skis make this new driving technology possible due to their more pronounced curves, adapted parameters for building the ski, and an adapted overall geometry.

Luggi Endrös Sport ski rental

If you wish, you may register now with your address and your personal data and take advantage of a quick turnaround at our location. This is done without obligation. Payment will be made only when collecting the rental equipment in our rental shop.

Computerized binding adjustment

Computerized binding adjustment

During the rental process, the setting adjustment of the bindings will be quite fast. Your setting values are determined by computer with a scanner and can be quickly transferred to the binding. Even with tight deadlines and demand pressures, the employees are fast while effectively and correctly able to determine your right setting, therefore decreasing the risk of a defective or incorrectly set binding.

Required DIN standard

Required DIN standard

Our rental process is completed per the required DIN standard. This means each binding is checked on a calibrated setting device and documented with a print-out, in order to ensure that the binding of your rental Ski functions properly. This is done with great effort before each ski season. on.

New!!! Equipment Depots for Rent

Skis and ski boots should never be stored in the trunk of your car overnight. They get stiff and you have to put on ice-cold boots in the morning. This is not only difficult, but also very unpleasant.

If there is no other option or the hotel/apartment is far from the town center, you can store skis, snowboards and boots safely and dry in ski depots.


That's why we provide our customers with 8 rental ski depots. These are accessible during our opening hours. This means the equipment can dry overnight and be warm and ready for the next use in the morning.